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The Ruins are a small biome located within surface layer consisting of water, grass, and rare temple walls. The ruins may have access underground that may bring the player close to an Underground Ruins site, or might not. Tribal warriors occasionally spawn within the ruins and a Tribal Totem may also generate within the ruins upon starting the world for the first time.


  • Rate (500)
  • Max spawns (5)

Entities and Loot

Mobs Unique Items
Tribal Spearman.png Tribal Spearman
Tribal Dartblower.png Tribal Dartblower
Tribal Archer.png Tribal Archer
Skeleton.png Skeleton
Wraith.png Wraith
In Chests:
Blowdart.png Blowdart
Blowpipe.png Blowpipe
Tribal Feather.png Tribal Feather
Lesser Healing Potion.png Lesser Healing Potion
Ring of Mana.png Ring of Mana
Ring of Regeneration.png Ring of Regeneration

From Mobs:

Tiki mask.png Tiki mask
Tribal Spear.png Tribal Spear
Blowpipe.png Blowpipe
Blowdart.png Blowdart
Tribal Feather.png Tribal Feather
Skull Helm.png Skull Helm
Bone Club.png Bone Club
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder
Wraith Dust.png Wraith Dust


Additional mobs will spawn through the night. It is recommended that the player build walls for safety. If a tribal totem spawned within the ruins, the player can either wall it off, creating a tribal warrior farm, or destroy the totem, removing it completely. Though tribal warriors will still spawn within the boundaries of the ruins biome.