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Dye is a substance created from natural elements harvested in the wild to produce a means of adding a personal touch to a player's creativity. Dye is created at a Dye Vat.png Dye Vat, using specific ingredients.

Primary dyes are made from natural elements harvested in the wild, while secondary dyes are made of two primary dyes.

Dye Colors[]

Dye Type Ingredients
{{{size}}} Red Dye Primary {{{size}}} Berries
{{{size}}} Yellow Dye Primary {{{size}}} Resin
{{{size}}} Blue Dye Primary {{{size}}} Flax Seeds
{{{size}}} Brown Dye Primary {{{size}}} Root
{{{size}}} Orange Dye Secondary {{{size}}} Red Dye
{{{size}}} Yellow Dye
{{{size}}} Purple Dye Secondary {{{size}}} Red Dye
{{{size}}} Blue Dye
{{{size}}} Green Dye Secondary {{{size}}} Blue Dye
{{{size}}} Yellow Dye
{{{size}}} Black Dye (unknown) (unobtainable)

Armor dyes are created by first crafting a {{{size}}} Pipette and then combining those with the dye of the respective color.

Armor Dye[]

Dye Type Ingredients
{{{size}}} Red Armour Dye Primary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Red Dye
{{{size}}} Yellow Armour Dye Primary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Yellow Dye
{{{size}}} Blue Armour Dye Primary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Blue Dye
{{{size}}} Brown Armour Dye Primary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Brown Dye
{{{size}}} Orange Armour Dye Secondary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Orange Dye
{{{size}}} Purple Armour Dye Secondary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Purple Dye
{{{size}}} Green Armour Dye Secondary {{{size}}} Pipette
{{{size}}} Green Dye
{{{size}}} Black Armour Dye (unknown) (unobtainable)