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Gems are a Resource obtained by Mining gem deposits with a Iron Pick s.png Pickaxe. Raw gems are refined and cut using a Gemcutting Bench s.png Gemcutting Bench. Gems are the basis of magical items. These include Amber Staff s.pngStaffs, Amber Robe s.pngRobes and Amber Hood s.pngHoods.

Types of Gems[edit | edit source]

There are currently four gems available in the game; Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Amber. The gems can be clicked on for more information about the item:

Types of Gems
Name Sapphire Ruby Emerald Amber
Gem Deposit Sapphire Deposit.png Ruby Deposit.png Emerald Deposit.png Amber Deposit.png
Raw Gem Raw Sapphire.png Raw Ruby.png Raw Emerald.png Raw Amber.png
Cut Gem Cut Sapphire.png Cut Ruby.png Cut Emerald.png Cut Amber.png

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