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Ammunition is a consumable type of item used by ranged weapons to fire a damaging projectile in the intended direction. The ammunition's damage will also be added to the weapon's damage total. Certain ammo types may be collected again after firing, such as the Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow.

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Arrow Type Damage Effect
{{{size}}} Wooden Arrow 1
{{{size}}} Poison Arrow 3 {{{size}}} Poisoned
{{{size}}} Web Arrow 9
{{{size}}} Fire Arrow 1 {{{size}}} Burning
{{{size}}} Copper Arrow 2
{{{size}}} Iron Arrow 3
{{{size}}} Gold Arrow 5
{{{size}}} Azurite Arrow 7
{{{size}}} Bomb Arrow 5
{{{size}}} Bone Arrow 10

Darts[edit | edit source]

Dart Type Damage Effect
{{{size}}} Blowdart 2
{{{size}}} Poison Dart 2 {{{size}}} Poisoned

Miscelaneous[edit | edit source]

Dart Type Damage Effect
{{{size}}} Snowball 1